lazar ( Lazy Structure- Activity Relationships ) takes a chemical structure as input and provides predictions for a variety of toxic properties. lazar uses an automated and reproducible read across procedure to calculate predictions. Rationales for predictions, applicability domain estimations and validation results are presented in a clear graphical interface for the critical examination by toxicological experts. lazar is built on top of the OpenTox framework.
lazar can be used
nano-lazar is a prototype application to do read-across predictions for nanoparticle toxicities. The application is developed in the eNanoMapper project.
OpenTox webservices are the building blocks for a predictive toxicology framework. We maintain webservices for
  • compounds
  • features
  • datasets
  • algorithms
  • models
  • validation
  • authentication and authorisation
  • tasks

and have access to a variety of other OpenTox webservices (e.g. AMBIT database, QMRF/QPRF reporting services).

ToxBank provides the computational infrastructure for the SEURAT cluster of EU projects. We develop and maintain OpenTox compatible webservices for storing, searching and analysing experimental data.
All projects are hosted under the GNU License at GitHub.